New South Series

Ella Leary will do anything to keep her father's legacy alive. Levi Northrup stands in her way.


Her first mistake was crashing the publishing mogul's party, hoping to dig up secrets that will save her father's magazine. Her second mistake? Spending a long, hot night in his bed.  


Levi sees red when he learns Ella's true identity and gives her only a single issue of her precious magazine to prove herself while he unravels his father's final, very personal business deal.


What he discovers will either drive them apart or pull them back into each other's arms.  

She's looking for a good time. He swore off love decades ago.

Reagan, maid of honor in her best friend's wedding, stalks sexy fun when the wedding party is delayed. Russell stopped acting on his impulses years ago. 


When she propositions, he doesn't say no. Sparks fly, and both wonder if they've found something more. The romance is cut short when the bride arrives, and they discover they're both in town for the wedding of his estranged daughter.

Will they conquer self-doubt, a vicious ex-wife, and an entitled bride...or is ten days all they have?

She shouldn't be alone. He shouldn't be the one with her.

Noah Sullivan arrives in Nashville to identify the victim of a twenty-year-old kidnapping, one case in a nation-wide investigation. He plans to locate the victim, hand off information to authorities, and move on. But Quinn Collier has other plans. How dare he ruin her life and not stick around for the fallout?

Uncovering the truth means questioning everything she's ever known and destroying every barrier he's ever put up. Finding lust amid the conflict is easy. Love is a whole different story.