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She shouldn't be alone. He shouldn't be the one with her.

Private Investigator and ex-Ranger Noah Sullivan arrives in Nashville to identify the victim of a twenty-year-old kidnapping, one of a series of cases in a nation-wide investigation. He plans to locate the victim, hand off information to authorities, and move on. But Quinn Collier has other plans. How dare this handsome stranger ruin her life and not stick around for the fallout?

Uncovering the truth means questioning everything she's ever known and destroying every barrier he's ever put up. Finding lust amid the conflict is easy. Love is a whole different story.

What Readers Say

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"The only problem with this book is that it’s hard to express what I love about it without giving away spoilers. M.K. Chester sets up a truly unique set of circumstances that seem far-fetched yet entirely realistic and relatable at the same time."  - Rellim Reads

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