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10 Days


She's looking for a good time. He swore off love decades ago.


Reagan, maid of honor in her best friend's wedding, stalks sexy fun when the wedding party is delayed.Russell stopped acting on his impulses years ago, so when he crosses paths with Reagan, he's stunned by the attraction. When she propositions, he doesn't say no.  

The romance is cut short when the bride arrives, and they discover they're both in town for the wedding of his estranged daughter.


Will they conquer self-doubt, a vicious ex-wife, and an entitled bride...or is ten days all they have?

What Readers Say

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"May/December romance is my jam. I adore it. However, there’s definitely an art to pulling off age gaps as large as 20 years – and M.K. Chester did it really well. With an added twist of the Best Friend’s Father/Daughter’s Best Friend dynamic and balancing sweet with sexy this was a really enjoyable story."

- Rellim Reads

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