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Hanky Panky

A swing and a miss or a bases-loaded home run?

Baseball titan Rian Murphy returns home to nurse a career-ending injury and his shattered ego. When he learns he'll never return to the game he loves, he takes a job tending bar on the Carolina beachfront and tries to ignore his best friend's little sister, all grown up.

Harper Jones doesn't intend to hit on Rian, but her brother's best friend always seemed so out of her league. When he serves her his signature drink and sparks fly, neither mind when a few stolen kisses go a little further. She might be the one to show him his life isn't over.

After all, a little hanky panky never hurt anyone…


What Readers Say

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Hanky Panky is a quick read with an entertaining storyline. Each chapter had Rian and Harper’s point of view. The author intertwined them seamlessly.
Without giving too much away, there are several steamy moments to keep you wanting to turn the page. Great read!

- Amazon Review

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