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Paranormal Romance

Welcome to Midheaven. Where heaven and earth collide.

All manner of beings exist behind the veil of everyday mortal life. Their paths should never, ever cross with humans. Until they do.

Thibodeaux women have been unlucky for seven generations. Sensitive to the feelings and perceptions of others, they are targeted by an immortal Fallen Angel, who needs only one of them to buy into his plan long enough to throw the whole world into chaos.

Grigori, originally sent to earth to teach and train humans, instead fell in love with women, tumbled from grace, and became half-human, half-angel. Some hybrids know their calling from birth, while others stumble into divinity when humans need them most.

Unshakable duet.png

Midheaven Origin Story 1.0

Novella (ebook)


Who can you trust when the deck is eternally stacked against you?


Midheaven Book 2.0

Novel (ebook, paperback)


Some choices have eternal consequences.


Midheaven Book 3.0

Novel (ebook, paperback)

How do two people at cross-purposes bring down a multi-million dollar research and development center? Not without fireworks...


Midheaven Book 4.0

Novel (ebook, paperback)


She must outrun her past and he must change the future if they have any hope of being together.

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