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She will do anything to keep her father's legacy alive. He stands in her way.


Ella's first mistake was crashing the publishing mogul's party, hoping to dig up secrets that will help her save her father's magazine when she squares off against him in the boardroom. Her second mistake? Spending a long, hot night in his bed.  


Levi sees red when he learns Ella's true identity and gives her only a single issue of her precious magazine to prove herself while he unravels his father's final, very personal business deal. What he discovers will either drive them apart for good or pull them back into each other's arms.  

What Readers Say

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This was the first book that I have read from this author and I can definitely say that it will not be the last! The storyline was good, the plot was well planned and the characters were well developed which kept me totally engaged until the turn of the very last page! - Amazon Review

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