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Lily Daventry's whirlwind marriage ends when she overhears her husband plotting to kill her. To escape, she fakes her own death, steals millions of dollars, and ends up half-dead on the doorstep of someone far more dangerous than her husband.

Tristan Kasdan is Grigori, a human/angel hybrid assassin and member of the elite Divine Council. When he's summoned by an internal force to rescue a frozen woman, he takes her in for the winter and claims her as his own before she even opens her eyes.

Although neither knows the truth about the other, their chemistry is combustible. Honesty is price neither is willing to pay until reality forces them to go on the run as the snow melts. When Tristan's next divine mission forces them apart, their pasts collide in a violent event that changes everything.

Lives will be lost, a child will be stolen, and for Lily and Tristan, the consequences may be too real for their passion to survive.

What Readers Say

Excellent book. Loved Tristan and Lilli.

Really worked well together, and that ending!

~Amazon Review

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