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Seducing the Roman

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They serve two different masters in two different worlds.


The day Sariah transitions into a life of temple service, she becomes part of a treacherous scheme to overthrow the provincial Roman government. When Titus takes her as a concubine, she leverages her knowledge for her freedom.


She sees a way out of slavery. He sees a way to redeem his family and career. As the city burns in rebellion, will their tenuous bond of trust be enough to keep them together forever?

What Readers Say

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"This story is as old as time yet as fresh as new love. M.K. has a gift for building characters who are real people in the reader's mind. In this book, she weaves her historical characters into a story of intrigue and danger, peppered with the ills of human trafficking so prevalent in the present. Thanks, M.K., for another fun read." - Amazon Review

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