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Bryeton Books Boxed Set


Welcome to Bryeton, a sleepy Southern town where life and love thrive at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Here, one family will rise to prominence in a house built on lies and ambition, one man will overcome his past to free himself and others, and a damaged young woman will find a new family when she least expects it.

Bryeton Books is a collection of romance stories set in a small town in the early 20th century. Discover why they became the Greatest Generation.

  • The Bootlegger's Bride

  • Tied Together

  • All in Good Time 

  • One & Only

What Readers Say

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"It's a great deal to own the whole series in a box set...The complete immersion in the town, it’s people, and the burgeoning relationship is amazing. I feel like I could simultaneously describe homes and stores, yet wasn’t bored or overwhelmed with details. It’s a balance for sure and Chester executes it flawlessly."  - Rellim Reads

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