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At Last


Photographer Daniel St. John is on the verge of having all he ever wanted when a tragic accident takes the life of the woman he loves. The world shifts, relationships change, and his only tie to his lost love is her daughter with another man, his goddaughter, Abbey.


While her father grants him two visit a year, Daniel fades from her life. When he returns, he finds an all-to-grown college dropout living dangerously.

Abbey Montgomery is barely coloring inside the lines when her mysterious godfather finally graces her with his presence. She unwound her mother's affair with him years ago and confronts him with her knowledge, layering on guilt for abandoning her.


As he shifts gears to create the stability she needs, her curiosity about him becomes a dangerous infatuation, fueling forbidden fantasies. Daniel loves Abbey, and when his emotions take an unexpected turn, he sets in motion a series of events that will either destroy or save them.

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