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All in Good Time


She wants to fade away. He can't possibly let her.


Elizabeth arrives in small, Southern Bryeton to teach first grade in 1948, hiding a painful secret that haunts her. She doesn't count on falling for Jake, a WWII veteran struggling to raise his young son after his wife abandons them amid a swirl of scandal.


He's everything she ever wanted yet can't have. Between her secret and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, more than enough reasons exist to deny their attraction. When one little boy runs away, all pretense falls away. Can they face the truth and follow their hearts?

What Readers Say

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"I adored this book. I devoured it quickly, too impatient to wait for what would happen next. I was caught up in the drama, invested in each character's story, and rooting for the 2 main characters. The excitement and nervousness that comes with love was well portrayed and mimicked that of my own love story. It was a wholesome, feel-good story, that felt real. We all go through tragedy, all of us. The characters were no different and their stories felt both believable and interesting."

-Amazon Review

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