M.K. Chester

About M.K. Chester

M.K. Chester is an author of romantic fiction from way back. Writing has been her passion from a young age, wherein she was heavily influenced by the CBS soap operas her mother used to watch. Running out of reading material at the tender age of ten, she said to herself, "I'll just write myself a book to read." So the journey began.

And that journey has been interrupted numerous times in order that life-things might occur. She went to college, she went to graduate school, she got a job, she got married, she had kids and moved around a fair amount. In between, she learned her craft, honing words, sentences and paragraphs by the light of a solitary (figurative) candle. Originally published in 2004 with The Wild Rose Press, she went on to place four 'Vintage Rose' stories with them before selling to Carina Press in 2011.

M.K. Chester works in higher education in (apparently) any way humanly possible, enjoys cheering at her son's high school basketball games, and loves on not only the people in her life, but the fluffy Scottish Terrorists who've captured her heart, Stewie and Angus.