M.K. Chester


Welcome to my world! Putting words on a page is one of the things I do best. Whether you're talking about copywriting, academic writing, poetry or fiction, this skill set has never failed me. For me, writing is a variable form of expression that can make an argument or create an unexplored new world--or anything in between. 

I started writing stories the summer after I turned eight, when I ran out of things on my bookshelf to read. Rather than trying to get to the library, I looked at the books on my self and thought I can do that!  And so the journey began.

Since that time, I've used writing to earn college degrees, augment my income and meet my deep, personal desire to be creative. I am currently using this talent in my job at a private university as well as working on several works of romantic fiction, telling love stories from ancient times, the modern day and futuristic dystopian societies. 

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One word at a time​...