• MK Chester

Making Short...Longer

What started out (and was published) as an 8-page short story has become a 10k-word, 66-page...still a short story, albeit a long short story. When I first wrote A Kiss on the Wind, I focused on a young couple and how they faced enlistment in WWII following December 7.

I still do that. Charlie and Emily are *adorable* even as the war upends their future together. But I'm also able to add a little of that Bryeton charm. You know, a glimpse of one of the characters from a different story in the series being themselves.

I hope you enjoy the expanded version of A Kiss on the Wind. I thoroughly loved painting these two with broader brushstrokes and enriching the setting where all this love and life happens. And, who knows? You might see your favorite character, sitting inside the Copper Kettle, waiting to share a meal.

A Kiss on the Wind drops November 1, just in time for the holidays!

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